My Judge Street Uniform has some great info on the original Dredd uniform that Karl Urban wore in the Dredd movie. My uniform will not be 100% accurate but it will be affordable and good enough so that I’ll be satisfied with it. If you want, there’s even a printable Judge Costume Checklist (Thanks to

My uniform consists of the following pieces :

  1. Judge helmet (from Stephen Snowdon, Rabid Weasel Studio)
  2. A black faux leather jacket
  3. Black Motorcycle pants (Second Hand shop)
  4. Lawgiver Holster (Facebook)

Stuff I have ordered and waiting for :

  1. Belt Buckle (Found in the ”Brit-Cit Trading Post”, Facebook)

Stuff that I need to get :

  • Lawgiver MK2
  • Armored Vest
  • Badge
  • Leather Boots (Agrius Sierra MC Boots)
  • Leather Gloves
  • Duty Belt

In my quest to get myself street worthy Judge uniform I’d like to say Thanks to: Martyn Shaw, Judge Svensson, The Judge Dredd Costume Group, The Scandinavian Sector House Judges Group, We Love 2000 AD And Dredd Costume Group